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Revisiting Río Bella Vista

Río Bella Vista remains stunning and quite unchanged since my first visit in 2013.

Darko, a coordinator for the REU, and Cristian are seen in the background of a few images.

Including a couple of short videos of the river’s flow.

Parasitoid pupae from a caterpillar

Parasitoid larvae, probably from a wasp, have emerged from the black wounds of this caterpillar, perhaps a hesperidae butterfly, and pupated.

Check out the trachea (the branching gas exchange organs observed through the skin of the caterpillar) and the punctures from the larval exits!

Clouds of Cerro Chai

A timelapse video of cloud movement in the valley as seen from the top of Cerro Chai in Las Alturas.  Created from 299 photos at 1 sec intervals for about 5 minutes.

A full framed version.

A version created by my camera—an Olympus TG-4.