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Predation risk of roosting Ithomiin butterflies

Adrea, a recent PhD graduate from UCLA, is mentoring three students in the NAPIRE program with projects on Ithomiin butterflies—a diverse group of clear-winged, neotropical butterflies that form breeding aggregations and tend to roost together.  One of Adrea’s students, Katie, is investigating predation risk of roosting butterflies using models of two species that she’s constructed. Here, Katie checks her model butterflies for damage inflicted by predation attempts on the models.

Rhinoceros beetle grubs and male adults

Along a thin, elevationally-restricted band on the trails of Las Alturas, dead and dying male rhinoceros beetles lie in the leaf litter. These may be the males of the species posted here,

Tabanid deer fly with mites

A Tabanidae deer fly captured by a mist net (set up for bats) as it buzzed around myself and other researchers at Las Alturas field station. Several small, red and orange mites have colonized the fly, including the fly’s compound eyes. It was somehow satisfying to see these possible parasites on the flies…as they are parasites of humans and other vertebrates.

Travelling caterpillars

The caterpillars below have likely consumed all available resources in one place and are moving together to find more food or pupate. The video isn’t well focused, but it does illustrate the pile of caterpillars moving as one ‘slug’ across the stair.

Travelling caterpillars - 07.03.2015 - 07.19.29