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Raising scorpions


One of Boa’s many projects is to raise field-collected Centruroides sp. and create a large terrarium at this house, where he can shine a black light on them (chemicals in scorpion exoskeletons fluoresce under UV light) and wow some tourists.  He’s had two successfully reproducing females.  Here’s the latest batch; all of the babies are still attached to the mother.  The juveniles of the other (not pictured) have begun to explore on their own. Scorpion - Centruroides sp. - 20130619 - 4

Scorpion - Centruroides sp. - 20130619 - 7



Someone asked if I saw large spiders in Palo Verde the other day. Yes. I did.

The were a fair number of them emerging from burrows during one week, presumably because it was breeding time.  I found 3 individuals in the lab one morning, one of which had decided to rest on the light switch.

There were two distinct species (unless they were actually different sexes); pictured here was the larger one.  Paul decided to pit them together one night and the larger of the two killed and deflated the smaller.