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Diploglossus bilobates


Although it’s not the greatest photograph, I wanted to share an image of a skink we caught in San Ramón since the lizard’s coloration and patterning were pretty awesome. I picked it up shortly after taking this photograph and was promptly bitten… first skink bite for me.

Mangrove Black-Hawk

Near the tide pools at Campanario, we spotted a Mangrove Black-Hawk after hearing its distressed call while sitting in a nest. The photos may not be all that sharp, but from as far away as I was, it’s good enough. Although I’m by no means an ornithologist (or really even a bird watcher), it seems like a good sighting given that the bird’s range is restricted to a narrow margin around the Pacific coast (Garrigues and Dean 2007).

Odd couple



Anoles and crickets were abundant within the channel of the Río San Lorencito. The two pair here were commonly seen, and I watched one pair pictured for nearly an hour in hopes that the anole would pounce on the cricket. Unfortunately, the anole was too fearful of being prey itself to make a move. I believe the anole is Norops humilis, but since it´s a juvenile or female, I can´t be sure.  As for the cricket, perhaps I can consult Pat Lorch…

This is not a pizote (nor a pesote… and it might not even be a martilla)


Hugo is the head cook, handyman, and trail blazer at San Ramón. He’s been smoking for over 50 years (he said he started when he was seven), calls his cigarettes ‘mi agua’ on long hikes, and put us to shame whenever on such a hike. On top of displaying extreme elegance with a machete in the field (we referred to him as the ‘Manchete’ [Man + Machete]), Hugo is a phenomenal cook and naturalist. That said, I may have found a fault… he mis-identified the picture here as a pizote when looking at the picture through my camera’s LCD. I took his word for it, since I wasn’t aware that pesote is the Spanish name for Coati. After being laughed at in a lab at UCR, some student identified the mammal as a Martilla. Who knew a sixty-some year old man would have trouble looking at a picture on a 2″ camera screen…

Unidentified beetle

A couple students at UCR had an entomology examine Friday on Coleoptera (beetles). They identified a couple beetles I had taken photographs of but I forgot to show them this one. Perhaps I’ll ask Monday, but they may have already put Coleoptera out of their minds by then.