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Toe = Ouch


While playing soccer with the folks here in Palo Verde, I got a blister that covers almost the entire ball of my foot. I made the thumbnail of a picture I took of the wound small, so if you find it disgusting it’s more difficult to see. I cut off some of the skin that had begun tearing off, but the rest is still intact. There’s currently no soreness after two days but it hurt quite a bit just after finishing our game.

Stream anole



Stream anoles (Norops oxylophus) were scattered throughout the Río San Lorencito. Every chance I got, I caught them and examined their bright dewlap. They are a relatively large anole and were able to dive underwater, but more often would simple swim across the surface. Those that did make it underwater would be covered in a blue-ish shine where air bubbles were adhered to their scales.

The Swimming Hole

On one of the day hikes Hugo led, we stopped at a swimming hole on Rio San Lorencito. The water was about 8 ft deep and crystal clear. On the deepest side, there was a cliff we were able to jump off of… It was a much needed break from our trailless hike.

Hugo is in the background of the first picture.

Swimming Hole 4-3-2009 10-18-38.jpg

Swimming Hole 4-3-2009 9-39-26.jpg

Diploglossus bilobates


Although it’s not the greatest photograph, I wanted to share an image of a skink we caught in San Ramón since the lizard’s coloration and patterning were pretty awesome. I picked it up shortly after taking this photograph and was promptly bitten… first skink bite for me.