This site serves primarily to share photographs and thoughts to friends and family, but, as with many bloggers, my ultimate goal is to attain immortal Internet-fame status and make copious amounts of Internet dollars (see: South Park – Meet the Internet Stars).  A more realistic goal, however, is three regular readers, not counting my mother.

Most photographs posted here are my own, although I’ll occasionally post a interesting photo belonging to a friend or colleague.  My photographs are taken using an Olympus E-420 and a variety of lenses, and subjects vary from animals and plants, to landscapes and people, although I have interests in herps and things aquatic, and there is a clear bias reflecting those interests in my subjects.  I am a self-taught, amateur photographer, so any suggestions or comments about my photography are greatly appreciated.

A higher resolution image of most photographs I post are normally available by clicking the image itself.  If you are interested in obtaining an image of greater quality for publication or other use, please contact me below.  I reserve all rights associated with my site and photographs.

Although I’ve designed several websites by editing raw HTML, my coding skills are not nearly well developed enough to have designed this site.  Thus, I’d like to note that this website is running WordPress 3.6 with freely available themes like Atahualpa Theme by BytesForAll, all of which, for folks who don’t know, are developed by a wide variety of fellow computer nerds (I hope they don’t take offence) who make it much easier for others to have well designed, nice looking websites.


My name is Justin Montemarano, and I recently earned my PhD in Aquatic Ecology from Kent State University.  My research interests lie primarily in community ecology of stream and wetland ecosystems in both temperate and neotropical regions.  I have examined crayfish roles in decomposition, tropical wetland plant competition, and macrophyte decomposition in a seasonally dry, tropical wetland.  I am currently an Instructor of Biology at Armstrong Atlantic State University.  Apart from academia, I am deeply passionate about ska, computers, and photography.


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