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Another set of photos from the Las Cruces Overlook

While the biological station is at about 1150 m above sea level, the highest point, sitting at about 1440 m, in the reserve is at a newly acquired pasture directly west of the station. I’ve posted shots from here in the past.

Overlook at Las Cruces - 07.22.2015 - 08.25.03-2

Predation risk of roosting Ithomiin butterflies

Adrea, a recent PhD graduate from UCLA, is mentoring three students in the NAPIRE program with projects on Ithomiin butterflies—a diverse group of clear-winged, neotropical butterflies that form breeding aggregations and tend to roost together.  One of Adrea’s students, Katie, is investigating predation risk of roosting butterflies using models of two species that she’s constructed. Here, Katie checks her model butterflies for damage inflicted by predation attempts on the models.

West Branch of the Rio Java

Some images of the West Branch of Rio Java.

This branch drains primary forest, and is rich in macroinvertebrate diversity, but doesn’t appear to have fish. In 2013, David surveyed this stream for fish, but did not discover any, and this year, Jackalyn collected macroinvertebrates using a D-net and immediately found a couple of new taxonomic groups she had previously not sampled.

The stream is steep, which likely prevents fish dispersal, and it’s bedrock substrate isn’t forgiving when the near-daily rains fill the banks.

Vesper rats

A juvenile vesper rat Nyctomys sumichrasti. We have trapped two of these mice in the house we’re staying in, although the one below was trapped in 2013. They seem to like bananas… and Cristian, another research mentor, doesn’t particularly like the mice…
Nyctomys sumichrasti - Vesper mouse - Cricitidae - 07.25.2013 - 07.27.37