Sunset at La Roca

I’ve captured a new sunset timelapse from Palo Verde using an Olympus Tough Stylus TG-4 set to capture a single image every 10 seconds and combining the images with iMovie.

The first video displays each of 149 photos for 0.1 secs, while the second video displays photos for 0.2 secs and appears more choppy.

These two videos joins several others that I produced and posted in 2009:

Taking off for Little Tybee

On a foggy, January morning, Kevin, Mike and I took off from the south side of Tybee Island to camp a night on Little Tybee, an uninhabited barrier island and nature preserve.

I’ve not been able to identify what entity manages the preserve, but it seems that camping is allowed, which suggests that it’s not a national refuge like the nearby Wassaw Island or under an easement and privately owned like Ossabaw Island.